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Litters Planned for 2023

Barbie and Gandalf will be parents on or about Easter!

Queen Barbie
King Gandalf

Jadis will be paired with Leon. We are excited to see what this pairing will bring! This litter is planned for August of this year.

Queen Jadis
King Leon

Blaze and Arthur. Blaze is such a love bug and Arthur is one of our graduates. They will be old enough to breed late fall. This should be an interesting litter!

Ava and Gandalf will have a litter on or around May 2nd. We are excited for this new pairing!

King Gandalf
Queen Ava

Gertie and Gandalf will be parents the end of May.

Queen Gertie
King Gandalf
Queen Blaze
King Arthur
Queen Mika
King Reishi
Queen Hermoine
King Gandalf

Hermoine and Gandalf make the prettiest babies! They have our first litter of 2023, born March 16th!

Mika and Reishi will give us a beautiful litter of reds and cremes. They will mate late Fall early Winter.

King Leon
Queen Monika

Monika and Leon will give us a beautiful litter of reds and hopefully torties. They will mate late Fall early Winter.

If you are interested on one of these pairings, please complete a Kitten Application, found here, to be on our waitlist. This is not an obligation on either parties. 

Please note, if you cannot pick up your baby, we will be happy to deliver, anywhere! All we ask are expenses incurred.

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