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Meet Galdalf the White

King Gandalf

Gandalf came to us from Moscow, Russia. He is so soft with gorgeous blue eyes. He also carries the odd eyed gene. He had a small spot on the top of his head which is his "true" color as white always masks the color underneath. His spot is blue silver tabby. So we could end up with blue eyes, odd eyes, white and black silver babies! I can wait to see what Mother Nature give us with him.

He has been tested by his wonderful breeder, Royalpolycoons and is negative of all defects!

Gandalf passed his hip dysplasia test with flying colors. He will be certified after his 2nd birthday. His DNA results are all negative and his heart echo was clean.

King Gandalf
King Leon

Meet Leon

Leon comes to us from Belarus. He was born on March 18, 2022 and he is just about 10 pounds! His huge paws tells me he is going to be a big boy! I am excited for red litters!

We will be submitting his DNA for testing and having a heart echo and hip scan as soon as he is old enough.

King Leon

Retired Breeders


Pasha has one gene for PK Def. Ursula and Saphira have one gene each as well, when breeding with Pasha, their kittens could have both genes thereby being predisposed to having the disease. He has been neutered and has become a wonderful pet that fits right in with the rest of our family!



​My odd eyed boy, he has one blue eye and one gold eye. He has been neutered and will make an awesome pet. Merlin was diagnosed with Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM). Unfortunately this is a common form of heart disease in Maine Coons. This causes abnormal muscle thickness in a heart that cannot work adequately. We have given him to my grandson, he has begged for Merlin since I picked him up at the airport!


Minar has been found to have too much inbreeding in his background. Therefore he is being neutered and rehomed. We will miss him dearly!

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