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Meet Galdalf the White

King Gandalf

Gandalf came to us from Moscow, Russia. He is so soft with gorgeous blue eyes. He also carries the odd eyed gene. He had a small spot on the top of his head which is his "true" color as white always masks the color underneath. His spot is blue silver tabby. So we could end up with blue eyes, odd eyes, white and black silver babies! I can wait to see what Mother Nature give us with him.

He has been tested by his wonderful breeder, Royalpolycoons and is negative of all defects!

Gandalf passed his hip dysplasia test with flying colors. His DNA results are all negative and his heart echo was clean.

King Gandalf

This is Arthur

Arthur is one of our own! He comes to us from Hermoine and Gandalf. He is an exceptional Black Silver Tabby. 

Arthur has passed his Heart Echo and his DNA is negative. He does have some minor hip dysplasia, but mated with an excellent female will negate that.


Meet Leon

Leon comes to us from Belarus. He was born on March 18, 2022  I am excited for red litters!

His Heart Echo was clear and his DNA negative. Now for the hips!


Reishi comes from one of my best friends, MidwestCoons! His parents are Ava, whom we now have and Gandalf. He is an amazing high silver red.

Reishi will be a year old in September, we will be getting his heart echo and hips x-rayed in the fall. His DNA test was negative.

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