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Meet Barbie

Barbie comes to us from Galkin Coons in Bulgaria. We flew to Bulgaria to pick her up as we hate flying cargo if it can be helped. That is way too stressful! Barbie's initial test results:

SMA - Negative

HCM - Negative

PK Def - Negative

Hip scans will be done at a year old.

Queen Barbie

Meet Jadis

Queen Jadis

Jadis comes to us from Russia. She is a Black Silver Tortie with White. She is so soft and affectionate! She fits in beautifully with the family. We are very excited to breed her with Leon. We are hoping for some Reds and Torties. 

Jadis test results:

DNA genetic testing is clear of any issues.

Initial Hip Scan - Negative

HCM - Negative, Heart Echo - Negative

SMA - Negative

PK Def - Negative

Meet Hermoine

Hermoine comes to us from Russia as well. She is the mischievous one!  She is always watching, making sure she does not miss a thing. But she loves to cuddle. As soon as I am finished with work for the day, she is up on my chest, purring away!


She plays fetch! I know, I didn't believe it either. But she has these special mice, which we have moved heaven and earth to find and keep replenishing, she loves to put them in things and they tend to disappear! She bring it to us, will actually drop it in your hand, if you put it out quick enough! Then you have to toss it for her, she lets you know her displeasure if you are too slow! 

Hermoine's test results:

HCM - negative

SMA - Negative

DNA genetic testing - all negative

Meet Ava

Ava comes to us from one of my best friends, MidWest Coons. She is our gentle giant! She is so soft and affectionate and has the best babies! They are always so intersting.

Ava is negative in all her testing:

Hip Scan - great

HCM - negative

DNA/Genetics - negative

Meet Mika

Mika is our beautiful Red Silver girl. She is so affectionate. Loves to be picked up and held. She comes to us from an amazing Breeder in Belerus. If I could have more, I would buy from Nicolai Chavdar.

Mika will be a year old in October, we will have her testing done in the fall.

Her DNA/Genetics testing is negative.

Meet Monika

Monika replaces Ursula. Ursula did not handle the stress of the cattery well. She was spayed and rehomed. 


Monika is amazing! She also loves to be picked up and held. And she is the sister of Mikaand comes to us from  Nicolai Chavdar.

Monika will be a year old in October, we will have her testing done in the fall.

Her DNA/Genetics testing is negative.

Meet Blaze

Blaze comes to us from my brother's catter, Bellmont Coons in Missouri. She replaces Saphira who could not get pregnant, we had her spayed and found abcesses on both ovaries. She will be rehomed as well. 

Blaze is more standoffish then most of our other breeders. She comes to be petted on her terms only! But when she is ready, she loves to be affectionate.

Blaze will be a year old in September and will have her hips and heart testing done then.

Her DNA/Genetics testing is negative.

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